DUSTIN HARDER Dustin Harder is the host and creator of the original vegan travel culinary series The Vegan Roadie. When not traveling, he works as a culinary instructor and is the head of culinary development at Arden's Garden in Atlanta. Previously an actor in song and dance, Dustin gave up his tap shoes to study culinary arts at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC in 2014. He has since been featured in such publications as Eating Well, VegNews, Vegan Lifestyle Magazine, Chowhound, Vegetarian Times and Paste Magazine. Dustin appeared on Food Networks Girl Scout Baking Championship showcasing vegan baking paired with girl scout cookies in February 2020.


Dustin is the author of two cookbooks, Epic Vegan and The Simply Vegan Cookbook. The Simply Vegan Cookbook has been added to Forbes list of "Best Vegan Cookbooks".  Dustin’s new book “Epic Vegan: Quick and Easy” will be out in May of 2021. 

THE VEGAN ROADIE is the plant based version of the popular Food Network series Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives available to watch for free on The Vegan Roadie YouTube Channel. The series offers television quality episodes that are entertaining for vegans and non-vegans alike celebrating the one thing everybody loves, delicious food. The series wrapped it's final season for YouTube, filmed in Italy, in the fall of 2017. Click here to watch all three season now!

THE SIMPLY VEGAN COOKBOOK Is Dustin's first contribution as an author. Forget about vegan cookbooks that require specialty ingredients and leave you unsatisfied. The Simply Vegan Cookbook takes vegan cooking to the tastiest level with easy, delicious recipes that are fun to make and a delight to eat. Creator and host of The Vegan Roadie, Dustin Harder has travelled over 110,000 miles―and visited every grocery store along the way― to find out which vegan foods are (and are not) accessible. Taking this into account, The Simply Vegan Cookbook provides healthful, balanced vegan meals using easy-to-find, affordable vegan ingredients.

EPIC VEGAN Is Dustin's highly anticipated follow up to The Simply Vegan Cookbook.

Not your granny's home cookin'! EPIC VEGAN is a choose your own adventure kind of time, proving that vegan doesn't mean boring, bland or difficult. Start with basic and easy recipes and then go further, if you dare, building epic creations combining easy recipes to make instagram worthy creations. Ranging from fast food veganized favorites like the Noritos Los Taco, Cray Cray Bread and Loaded Baked Potato Soup in a Pretzel Bowl (looking at you Bennigan's)  to originals like the Bacon Cinnamon Roll Peanut Butter Burger, Festive Cheesy Bread, Everything Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, Churro Cup Sundaes and Crab Rangoon Pizza, it's fun for everyone! Get in the kitchen with friends and family to get hands on and create your epic!